Dr. Peter Rabanus Areas of Service

Residents of the San Francisco Bay Area will not have to travel far to find an experienced cosmetic dentist.

Located in the San Francisco city limits, Dr. Peter Rabanus is one of only 350 dentists in the United States who have qualified for accredited member status in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

If you are looking for information about porcelain or dental veneers, simply ask Dr. Rabanus. He has delivered cosmetic dentistry to the San Francisco Bay Area community for many years and is known for his work with porcelain veneers, rehabilitation of severely worn teeth with comprehensive cosmetic dentistry, and helping patients with severely tetracycline-stained teeth.

Dr. Rabanus services patients in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and the entire Bay Area. Many international patients have flown in from out of the country specifically for his work and to obtain his services

Your consultation commonly starts with a personal dialogue either by phone or by E-Mail.

Dr. Rabanus invites you to educate yourself by any means possible before you make a decision. If you feel that you want to discuss your specific cosmetic dental concerns with others who share your interest in porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, or a rehabilitation of worn teeth, you may also want to visit our Facebook Page.

You may want to call 1-877-SMILINE if you prefer to leave a message to tell us how you would like to be contacted, or simply complete our Contact Form.

You arrived at this page because you have been diligently studying the options cosmetic dentistry has to offer. We hope that this website and the other information terminals suggested here will help you organize your thoughts before your first consultation with the cosmetic dentist of your choice.

Cosmetic dentistry is an exciting field. Not just for the dentist, but also for the patient. It is a life changer. So, enjoy the path to your new smile.