Dr. Rabanus' Patients' Testimonials

Video: Testimonials by Dr. Rabanus' Patients

Patients talk about their experience with the cosmetic dentistry and the personal care they received by Dr. Rabanus

Dr. Rabanus did some major dental work for me 2 years ago. Major. It took weeks of prepping. I am a very difficult patient. I have an unreasonable fear of dentists and often cry and shake; I have a very small mouth and large teeth which are hard to reach because of the small mouth; my gums bleed a lot; my jaw comes out of the socket during long procedures and locks out. Throughout all of this, Dr. Rabanus was not only patient and polite, but he did AMAZING work.

I selected Dr. Rabanus after a year of research, trying to find the right person for me. I think I found the right guy. He is very flexible with his schedule and has met me in the evenings and on weekends with no complaints. I highly recommend him.

Cathy F.

I had braces when I was in high school and was unsatisfied with the results even after they were removed. My smile had some small gaps and imprefections that left me feeling very unsatisfied with my teeth. Eventually, I decided to seek out cosmetic dentistry. I discovered Dr. Rabanus while doing a Google search on "porcelain veneers San Francisco." After reviewing the website, reading about his credentials and checking reviews on Dr. Rabanus from Yelp, I felt justified in taking the next step.

I emailed Dr. Rabanus and he promptly responded with an appointment for a free consultation. He accommodated my work schedule by meeting me after hours at his building around 7 pm. I found Dr. Rabanus to be a very warm, personable and funny man. Aside from the fact that he was a joy to be around, the doctor took a great deal of time consulting me and determining exactly what it is that I needed to achieve the teeth and smile I had envisioned for myself. His entire approach to dentistry was very professional and relationship focused. Together we came up with a plan that would get me the teeth I wanted.

We did the smile analysis, x-rays, molds and teeth preparations within the first week. For 2 weeks after that I wore "temporaries" to treat my teeth while my veneers were being created. During that time I chipped one of my temporary teeth - a mistake I made by biting into the bone of a rib dinner. Something I was cautioned not to do - I texted Dr. Rabanus about my mishap and we set up an appointment the next day to have the tooth repaired (free of charge). Throughout the process I had several questions for him about what I could and couldn't do while I had my temporaries in. Dr. Rabanus always responded promptly to my questions (a quality that I really appreciate).

Two weeks later my veneers were put in. I can't tell you how satisfied I was with my new teeth. It was funny. I remember getting out of the chair, looking into a mirror and seeing my flawless new smile for the first time. I had a mouth full of Novocain at the time and I remember fumbling over my own lips trying to express to Dr. Rabanus how pleased I was with the results and how thankful I was, without having the ability to speak coherently.

Everything about my teeth are perfect. I have received dozens of compliments from friends and family since I had them put in 4 months ago. More importantly, my new smile has given me the confidence to really be myself. I'm much happier and more confident than I ever was. Truth be told, I left spending more money on my teeth than I had originally budgeted for. However, the results are better than I could have ever imagined. Dr. Rabanus isn't the least expensive cosmetic dentist in the Bay Area. But you get what you pay for. To get quality you've got to pay quality. I would recommend Dr. Rabanus to anyone seeking quality cosmetic dentistry work without hesitation.

Ryan C.

I just returned to Germany from a "Cosmetic-Dentistry Trip" to California. Yes, I know, it seems to be a long distance to get my teeth done, but it was well worth it, and I need to explain why:

For many years I had serious bite issues with pain of my chewing muscles and my joints. My teeth were significantly worn down. I knew that I had to do something about it, so that I would not age faster than I am. I did my homework on the internet and found information about Dr. Rabanus. I was very impressed by his biographical sketch: he was class valedictorian in dental school, had a summa-cum-laude for his doctor's thesis, absolved two residencies at the University of California, and is one of only 250 dentists worldwide, who are accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. His background is the most solid and thorough training background I ever saw. I felt that I needed someone with expertise, and his education spoke for itself - no hypes or sales pitches.

His website gave me all the information I needed to understand what was going on with my teeth. I felt like Dr. Rabanus knew my teeth before I even saw him. I decided to contact him via e-mail and was impressed by the thoroughness of his responses to my questions. I decided to take a trip to San Francisco. Because I had my impressions and x-rays already taken in Germany and sent to him for analysis, we had a pretty good idea about how long it would take.

I arrived and we started right away. Dr. Rabanus was very responsible explaining to me that I needed to get my bite addressed prior to delivering cosmetic dentistry (veneers) to assure that I would not chop off my new teeth with my hyperactive chewing muscles. He equilibrated my bite, and, I simply felt like a new person. Never before in my life did my bite feel so comfortable.

We then proceeded with the smile analysis, preparation of the teeth, and impressions etc. (I do not understand all the technical details, but the entire record taking was very meticulous, Dr. Rabanus does not take any chances, that's for sure :-). Two weeks later, I received the veneers, and when I looked into the mirror, despite still being slightly numb due to the local anesthetic, I was simply in awe: what a combination of beauty and natural appearance. I don't know how he did it, but I loved my teeth from the first moment and could not find anything that looked artificial. This is the amazing part: it was beautiful, yet nobody would be able to tell that I had cosmetic dentistry done. Absolutely unbelievable!!!

Dr. Rabanus is a scientist and an artist. His chairside manners are impeccable. I did not feel that I was in a dental office. He took his time and there was never a moment when I was uninformed about what was happening and why.

So, was my trip a little too much for just a new smile? Well, I believe my little story speaks for itself. I don't think that any place on this planet would be too far away to visit Dr. Rabanus for treatment.

Tim M.

Dr. J.P. Rabanus does aMAZing cosmetic dental work. He is one of only 230 dentists in the United States who have qualified for accredited member status in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is extremely accommodating and anyone looking to get any cosmetic dental work done should at least meet with him for a consultation. Aside from being one of the few accredited in his field, he is also the only one willing to meet me after work hours so I didn't have to take time off (unpaid). He's the best cosmetic dentist in the Bay area so if you need work done, he's your man!

Jetsetter X.

I went to Dr. Rabanus in November ’06 for a consultation on veneers for my top teeth. At the time my two front teeth had veneers, placed on them almost 20 years ago, necessitated by a biking accident. Dr. Rabanus was very thorough and patient during the consultation which extended to another visit after the temporary veneers went in place. He spent plenty of time listening to my requests and desires on what I wanted my veneers to look like. Dr. Rabanus provided his input, especially when asked, yet never pressured me to do it his way. In fact, a couple of times he stated,”You’re the boss.”

The end result was that I had 8 veneers placed on my top teeth and they were quite lovely. In addition, they function very well. There is an expected amount of sensitivity after having such a procedure done, but that has gone away slowly with time. Dr. Rabanus cares about performance of teeth and bite function etc. equally along with cosmetics (as anyone performing cosmetic procedures should) and when you are dealing with a part of your body which must function 100% optimally at all times, I as the patient value this.

I would say that Dr. Rabanus has a conservative approach. I initially went in wanting to put 8 veneers on my lower teeth as well and he suggested that I not do that at that time. He suggested that I whiten those teeth first and then if I am not happy, I could reconsider veneers for the bottom teeth. My first reaction was that no, I really wanted veneers. However, cosmetic work is always expensive and time consuming. I am happy now to be whitening my bottom teeth and am thrilled that I did not just plow ahead with another set of veneers.

There was an unexpected outcome of all of this; unexpected because it is not why I went to see Dr. Rabanus in the first place. I have been a chronic migraine sufferer for almost all my life. Chronic migraine sufferers carry the gene; the gene can be thought of as the gun but then something must pull the trigger. One of the triggers in my case was jaw pain. Very often my migraines manifested through the right side of my jaw radiating up into mu right temple and down into my teeth on my right side and often into my neck. I also am a “clencher”, clenching (but not grinding) my teeth at night and would wake up in the morning with the above mentioned pain. Mine had actually worsened in the last couple of years. I am on two prophylactic migraine medications and have painkillers at my disposal, yet I would still tend to get head and jaw pain 2 to 3 times a week, on average. In evaluating my teeth for veneers, Dr. Rabanus asked me about pain and took a look at my bite, suggesting that he could help me as my bite was off (a bite being off cayses the muscles around the jaw joint to permanently contract as they attempt to hold the joint in the correct position). I had never had a dentist offer this before, and after Dr. Rabanus explained the logic behind it, I opted for it as it made full sense to me. Dr. Rabanus, over a series of two visits, performed an occlusal equilibration which requires participation by both patient and dentist to ascertain when the jaw, muscles etc. are in their most relaxed state and then equilibrate the bite through some minor teeth grinding in my case. It is not at all unpleasant. I was ar first concerned about enamel loss, but Dr. Rabanus assured me that I was only losing a small fraction of the amount of enamel I have.

I can only tell you that the results have been beyond my wildest imagination. This worked for me!!!!!!!!! This has now been 2+ months ago and I have experienced basically NO JAW PAIN and, therefore, no pain radiating up from jaw into temple and down from jaw into neck. I realize now that what Dr. Rabanus said was true – my muscles were severely clenched trying to hold my joints/bite in the proper location and now they fall into the correct location naturally. This does not mean that I never get a headache because I still do (there are still neuro-sensory situations for migraine patients) but they certainly have been reduced.

Dr. Rabanus is one of only 250 U.S. dentists accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. If you are going to have cosmetic work done, you should at a minimum go to him for a consultation. He knows what he is talking about and his work follows suit. I highly recommend him for cosmetic work and complex procedures which other dentists may not have been able to address.

Lisa R.