Best Cosmetic Dentist San Francisco

Everybody wants the best cosmetic dentist. We always want the best. Naturally. This evidently also applies to cosmetic dentists in San Francisco

best cosmetic dentist san francisco

How do we determine who is the best hairdresser, the best car mechanic, the best attorney, the best plastic surgeon, or the best cosmetic dentist? It appears more difficult to determine the qualities of a professional who has a particular expertise. The very reason why we seek a professional is that we cannot do it ourselves. We commonly do not even understand the know-how and the technology of a particular field. The same is true for cosmetic dentistry.

So, how do we find the "best" cosmetic dentist? We already talked about it elsewhere. We learned that we have to ask questions, look at the results of the cosmetic dentist's endeavors, make sure he is the author of all his publications about cosmetic dentistry, smile makeovers, and porcelain veneers.

Let's think about it a little bit. There can only be ONE best. It can mean many different things, such as best communicator, best technician, artist, executive, best sales person, best chair-side manners, and so much more.

What is it that we are looking for when looking for the BEST cosmetic dentist? It is easy at universities. A large group of students has to study the same subject, has the same professor, the same test. We therefore have an instant comparison among dental students. There is only one valedictorian at graduation of a dental school. Most likely he was the best, since there are so many parameters that determined the outcome. No one professor judges everything. And at the end there is a common agreement that the best student is the one the proved that he attained the best know-how and the best understanding of theory, its application, and its technology. He has demonstrated results.

So, how can we translate this to the level of practicing dentists who commonly live and work totally isolated from each other. Most dentists don't even know each others faces. They just work and live in the same city, such as San Francisco, most likely avoiding each other out of fear losing some tricks of the trade to another. The common link is then the prospective patient. He or she migrates through various offices, getting a feel for the quality of the dentist they encounter. But what does their feeling relate to? Is it a warm smile of the receptionist? Is it the modern design of the office that reminds us of the technology of Star Wars and Star Trek? Is is the time the cosmetic dentist devotes to us? What is it that determines for us that we have found the best cosmetic dentist in our area? While it is often one trigger that even we are not aware of, it should be everything that is important to us. If we are looking for a gentle smile in moments of vulnerability, we should look for that. If we are looking for the highest technical understanding and application, we probably shouldn't look so much at the pretty receptionist or the water fountain in the waiting room, or an operating unit that reminds us of the command bridge of Starship Enterprise.

So, who is the best cosmetic dentist for you? Yes, for you, because everyone looks for a slightly different spectrum of abilities. As for me, I look for technical expertise, a high level of know-how, and many years of experience at the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry. Fortunately, there are still some parameters that will help us to compare a group of cosmetic dentists. And last but not least, patient satisfaction. If a patient is happy with his new smile, all of the important attributes of an excellent cosmetic dentist came together. They can be summarized as great communication skills, high care factor, good understanding of the patients' goals, excellent operator with a vision for the desired end result, great mentorship to the patient, and relentless quality control of all the factors involved.

Simply looking for "best cosmetic dentist san francisco" is not enough. Look at everything that you can find. The internet is exploding. You will find more and more data about one particular person as time progresses. Take advantage of it. Then engage with the doctor. Call him personally, send him e-mails. His response will give you a good idea about his willingness to communicate, the most important asset of any profession.