Teeth Gaps


The term "diastema" is used to describe open spaces between the upper incisors (front teeth). Diastemas are created by a disproportionate sizes of teeth and jaw. Occasionally, the pulling action of a labial frenulum that inserts too closely to the upper central incisors can push the teeth apart creating a "central diastema".

Diastemas are often closed by orthodontic alignment of the teeth into contact. However, often simply small and unattractive teeth go hand in hand with open spaces. The smile looks "timid". The treatment of choice would be to increase the size of the teeth by placing veneers on top of them closing the diastemas at the same time. The ensuing smile is more vivid and healthy. The teeth appear whiter and more appealing. This is the task of cosmetic dentistry.

spaces before porcelain veneers
spaces after porcelain veneers
This patient came to our office because he had been unhappy with both his small teeth and the spaces (diastemas) that were associated with them. The treatment of choice was here to close the diastemas by increasing the size of his teeth to more harmonic proportions. The outcome of his treatment was dramatic.

spaces before cosmetic dentist
spaces after cosmetic dentist
This patient did not like the "timid" appearance of his teeth. He is a tall, athletic looking guy, who liked to get a more vigorous smile that matched his general appearance. His upper six front teeth were enlarged by direct bonding and sculpturing of composite material.

before cosmetic dental procedure
after cosmetic dental procedure
This patient had worn his "clear" brackets for more than 5 years. He never finished his orthodontic treatment, because he disliked the "metallic" smile with the wires in his mouth. He had the wires removed a long time ago. His teeth were much too small to be corrected by orthodontic treatment alone (left). He now received 20 porcelain veneers, which increased the size of his teeth. Note the much more vivid and confident appearance of his new smile. It took only 3 weeks.

dental gaps before treatment by cosmetic dentist
dental gaps after treatment by cosmetic dentist
This patient came to the office and was concerned with the multiple spaces of his smile-exposed teeth. He received 6 Empress veneers 2 weeks later.

Another example of a smile makeover for small teeth with diastemas demonstrates the value of porcelain veneers when treating such conditions.