Technical Specifications for Cosmetic Dentistry

technical specifications of smile design

This section may be a little bit too technical for a lot of people but I have met persons who are very interested in the technical aspects of cosmetic dentistry, its applications and the way dental materials work. We will talk about the physical and chemical attributes, composition, and the modus of interaction of dental composites, porcelains, ceramics, bonding agents, and their applications and state-of-the-art procedures for smile design and the placement of porcelain veneers. For anyone who even wants to research dental technology a little bit deeper we provide some links to sources and references, such as peer-reviewed publications.

Many dental materials are used and applied in cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentists as well as general dentists understand their specific chemistry, physical characteristics, interactions with human tissue, such as enamel and dentin, and their optical behaviors. Handling dental materials according to their particular characteristics will attain the most predictable and durable dental restoration.

The technical aspect of smile design and the understanding of dental materials are very important, because they are not just the basis for beautiful smiles but also for durable dental resorations.

And, as always, cosmetic dentistry takes place in the living environment of an organism, which involves constant change at a cellular level, reparative mechanisms, as well as physiological and pathological function. These things can never be ignored. Dr. Rabanus always tests oral function with provisional dental restorations which allow him and his patients to ensure that a particular smile design works well with a particular biological environment. Hence, even though you might be looking for a simple set of porcelain veneers, the dental team, which includes you, needs to fully understand what our biological environment looks like.

In this section, we will discuss the following topics in more detail (please stay tuned):