Cost of Porcelain Veneers

Everybody who is interested in rejuvenating his smile wants to know the cost of porcelain veneers. While is is easy to obtain the ball park price of porcelain veneers, which may range between $1,200 and $3,000 per veneer, it is not possible to obtain a quote without having one's teeth evaluated and diagnosed. In addition, there are licensure restrictions, which prohibit a dentist licensed in San Francisco, California, to diagnose and treatment plan the teeth of a patient who lives in New York City. The cosmetic dentist may make general observations about someone's teeth. However, he or she may only diagnose a patient's mouth if physically seen at a location where the dentist is licensed.

So, how can you find out how much a smile makeover would cost you?

It is always best to go to the internet and find the profiles of dentists that you like:

- Is the dentist accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry?

- Does the dentist focus on cosmetic dentistry?

- Or does he provide general dentistry and only occasionally cosmetic dentistry?

- Do you like the reviews that the dentist has received by his prior patients?

Once you feel comfortable with what you have learned about a dentist, contact him. Either by e-mail or by phone.

Schedule an appointment. Once you have met him, he knows about your teeth, and you know about his willingness to communicate with you.

Once your cosmetic dentist has studied your teeth, your bite, and your x-rays, he is able to give you an accurate estimate about how much a smile makeover will cost you. He will also be able to tell you what exactly you will be paying for. Every step and the total time frame of the cosmetic dental treatment should be explained. At the end, you will know exactly the price of porcelain veneers, their design, their quality, their durabilty, and many other things.

Is this approach about determining the cost of porcelain veneers worth it? You bet. As much as you would want to know the specs of a car or a computer to gauge their cost and benefits, as much you may want to know who is going to deliver the smile makeover to you.